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Meet Jenna w/Lash Out Esthetics


Hello my name is Jenna Erdt.  I have been working as an esthetician since 2009, first for Benefit Cosmetics and now for my own company, Lash Out Esthetics LLC.  My specialty is in custom eyebrow waxing: I take the time to walk my clients through every detail of the process before we even start.  I also offer eyelash tinting, organic spray tans, faicals and eyelash extensions, taking care to select the proper weight and length of extensions so that my clients can keep them on and enjoy them indefinitely.

Ask anyone about the first thing they notice on your face, and more offen that not they'll tell you it's your eyes.  At least as much as we communicate with our words and with our bodies, we communicate with our eyes, looking at each other, away from each other and at things.  People are acutely aware of this fact, which is why we pay so much attention to the way that our eyes look.  Our eyebrows, our eyelids, and our eyelashes-they all need to be PERFECT, and because of the tiny proportions involved, perfection is an art that's accomplished by a skilled hand.

Right now I am in the process of fully establishing Lash Out Esthetics as the leader in esthetics that I know it can be.  It is too common for estheticians to pay no mind to their clients' health: at Lash Out, your health is our top priority.  Whether you are a first-time client or a long-time regular, you will receive the sort of care and devotion that will make you go WOW!